Inspirational Monday – Motivating Mum

Meet Alli founder of Motivating Mum.

Alli Price 1

How did Motivating Mum come about and why?

I started my business after sitting at home one day on my own, looking after bub and trying to run my coaching business. It was quite isolating and lonely, particularly as my life BC (before children) was taken up with loads of travel and working in Hospitality. I decided to start a Businessmums’ Networking Lunch – in an attempt to get out and get some intelligent conversation and also expand my network. It turned out there were a lot of mums at home feeling just as I was! It was then that I knew my business needed to be all about providing these types of events for mums – to help them, not only in business, but in developing a support network that left them knowing they weren’t alone.

Can you tell our readers a little about your business and what you aims and goals are.

At Motivating Mum, I do absolutely everything and anything I can to help mums in business achieve their dreams as efficiently, smoothly and happily as possible.

Mums can get inspiration and education through phone mentoring with established mums in business, affordable business services (like retail contact, blog management, social media scheduling, press releases) and online forum and more.

Along with my Associates, we also run Biz Mums Clubs all across Melbourne and also in Geelong, Shepparton, Sydney, Brissy and coming to Perth. I also run many one-off events in Melbourne including workshops, networking mornings and my Annual Brilliant Biz Mum Expo and Awards. The Awards are open to any mums in biz (or mums at heart) and are all judged – no social media voting!

I take my role as a help and support to mums very seriously and am always around to refer great suppliers, be an ear to vent or cry to or just send in the right direction.

 Describe your workplace to us…

Here is a picture of me at my in my workplace.

Alli Price 2

How do you juggle working and a family?

I work at night – a lot! I also have my oldest in school and youngest in three days of kinder so that helps. I am also excellent at switching from Mummy to work mode – as soon as I sit at the computer I am all systems go (even if it’s just for 10 min to do something like write these answers) and then I am up again in Mummy mode playing with the gals.

I am also ridiculously organised. I have systems and processes for everything in the home and work, everything has its place and this saves a lot of time and energy. Lastly, I am the queen of organising play dates – the month of Jan is filled with me having friends over and sending my kids off for a play! The year is very much the same – the time I can claw back for work while both my gals are having a play is invaluable.

Do you think parenting is different from when you were raised? How?

Yes! Completely different! I don’t ever remember my parents taking time out of their day to just sit and play with me. They went to work, did the housework, cooked etc and I played with my sister – outside, a lot! Nowadays, I am always taking time out to just play with the girls, take them to play centres, swimming pools, parks etc. I am also much more involved in their lives. I remember very vividly that I didn’t even have a conversation with my parents about my Uni choices, my future or anything – I just did it all myself. That will not be happening with my girls!

Have your own self expectations changed since having children? How? 

Even when my friends were planning in High School what age they would be having kids and getting married – I was always the one saying I would do neither! For this reason, I had absolutely no expectations of myself as a parent – when my daughters arrived, I just mothered in the way that worked for me. It also helped that I am a pretty relaxed person and also, having trained as a life coach, am very aware of how having expectations can really put pressure on you. So the answer to the above would be – I have definitely changed but it was pretty seamless as I just went with the flow.

Can you walk us through a typical day for you…

7.30am – wake up and get the kids ready for school/kinder

8.45 – drop at school and then drop at kinder

9.15 – start work. This could include going to a Biz Mums Club, meeting someone or just working in front of my computer

12.00 – pop on Dr Phil and watch it while working

2.00  – eat lunch quickly as I realise I have worked through and it’s nearly school pick up!

3.30 – if I haven’t organised play dates for kiddies so I can keep working then I head off to pick up

4.30 – get kids home for a play or watch TV while I make dinner, do dishes at the same time (I refuse to do any cleaning during the day while I am working)

6.00 – dinner

6.30 – baths and reading

7.00 – watch TV with kids or they play or we do more reading

8.00 – bed for kids and I am on the computer again (most nights) until aprox 11pm/12am

11.00/12.00 – go to bed swearing that I’ll get to bed earlier the next night!

What is one resource that has kept you sane and helped you on your journey of motherhood? Eg book, person, website, etc.

Me! I’ve kept me sane. I’ve seen friends turned inside out trying to follow parenting books to the letter. I’ve seen friends stressed following what websites say as their experience is not that outlined on the screen. So I have consciously chosen not to read anything and to listen to me and what my gut says. I have also consciously chosen to ignore guilt. I refuse to feel guilty for anything. Instead, I credit myself with doing the absolute best job that I can, given my individual situation.

And one tip for us all on keeping it real…


Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s not real. It’s 85% their marketing (or what they’re showing to the world) and 15% your projecting on to them x

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Product Review – paddle pants

Easy to use, rinse and re-use, perfect for beach or pool

Product: Paddle Pants

What is generally used for: Swimming, paddle pools, beaches

When/how it was used:At the pool or at the beach

What I loved:Only having to have pair of swimmers that I just rinsed and re-used and any nasty surprises never escaped – ever!!!

Was there anything that didn’t meet expectations? No

Who would this work well for? 

Anyone who wanted to take their baby/toddler swimming at the pool/beach or even a park with water play.


My youngest used these from 6 mnths and since they are sized he only just stopped wearing them at 2.5yrs old. We used them over 2 summers and whenever he pooed (which he always did when I put them on him it never escaped!! Ever!!!!

Read more about paddle pants here..


Baby led weaning – A Mum’s thoughts

A Mum’s thoughts on:  Baby Led Weaning.

I initially decided to do BLW with my first child after I saw something about it on the internet – it initially sparked my interest as the last thing I wanted to do in my sleep deprived state was to be in the kitchen steaming fruit and vegetables, freezing, defrosting, taking food out etc. too much hassle for me. I also thought it would be a good way to improve my diet if I was sharing my food with my son.
I started by just giving him cucumber, avocado, banana and yoghurt and also let him have anything off my plate. Nothing was out of bounds and he could try whatever he liked. He did at times have squeezey pouches if we were out and was hungry and I had nothing with me. I pretty much played it by ear and didn’t follow any particular rules but that is my parenting style in all aspects

2 years later I had another son and when it came to feeding him I was a lot more confident in the way I was parenting and how I wanted to feed my son and decided to take on a mixed approach. He was a hungry boy and took to food straight away so I did a combination of purée and family foods which I feel worked a lot better than straight BLW.

I think that different children require different approaches. My first son is very laid back, would take an hour to breast feed and eating was not a priority for him therefore straight BLW did not suit his personality as he had to work too hard at eating the food. My youngest son was a lot hungrier, breast fed in 10-20 minutes, always reaching for what you were eating and couldn’t get enough. He would also cruise under the table for anything that may have dropped on the floor BLW was good for him

Now my oldest son is quite set in what he will eat, you can slowly introduce new food to him but he will always go back to what he knows he likes. They youngest will try anything more than once even if he doesn’t like it. I don’t think that BLW has had much to do with that but I feel it is more personality based.

Stop The Bloody Parent Bashing

I can only imagine the heartache one Victorian family is feeling right now.

Leaving your child in a car is not a deliberate thing, and I know this, because once, I nearly did it.

When my daughter was younger, it was my job to drop her at day care every day. Yep, everyday, It should have been ingrained in my brain. It should have been an automatic reaction.

Yet one day, I just drove to work. I completely forgot my daughter was in the car. In fact, it wasn’t until I drove right past the turn off, and miss-i-know-everything, piped up with “mummy, don’t we turn there to go to kindy?”

Holy freaking crap.

This was not too long after the poor dad who had had the same thing happen, so it was fresh in my mind.

I hastily did an u-turn, and sheepishly headed back to kindy.

I wasn’t in a rush. It was my usual routine, but for some reason, that day, I just forgot.

The what if’s, the guilt.

What if she hadn’t have been old enough to say anything?

What if she was a teeny tiny sleeping baby, who didn’t make a sound between home and work?

And I hadn’t actually done anything rather than forget to make a turn.

So all those people who are parent bashing, All those (mums) trolling baby forums with “it’s not possible” and “you couldn’t just leave a baby in a car and forget they were there”.

Stop it.

Just stop it and have some bloody compassion for a family and a community who will be completely ripped apart by this tragedy,

Luckily for me, she was old enough to know the way to kindy

Luckily for me, she was old enough to know the way to kindy

Product Review – Tuff Stuff

I use Tuff Stuff on all sorts of things, helps lift poo of a cloth nappy, spaghetti stains on carpet and even to shampoo my car seats after my kids have been travel sick!

Product: Tuff Stuff


What is generally used for: to lift stains and leave my fabrics smelling fab!

When/how it was used: I wet the tuff stuff while it is still in the netted bag, and rub it on the stain until a foam builds and then throw it in the wash. If I am using it on carpet I apply it wet and straight to the carpet, rub it back and forth until it’s nice and soapy and then rinse clean.

What I loved:

I love how easy it is to use, it all stays in the netted bag, so no slippery soap being dropped. I also love the clean smell from the lemon and eucalyptus(especially when cleaning up vomit, you would never know)

Was there anything that didn’t meet expectations? No.

Who would this work well for?

it would work well for everyone, but especially for parent with small children who like to make a mess!! great for use with Cloth nappies too.

Find out more about seriously amazing tuff stuff here…


Product Review – Splash About Swim Nappy

Dhyana Rasaku reviews  the Splash About Swim Nappy


Tell us where you use this product… Public pool / beach

Product name…  Happy Nappy – Set sail design

What is generally used for: swimming

What I loved about these… reusable, super cute, easy to get on and off.

Was there anything that didn’t meet expectations? No

Who would this work well for?  Any baby swimming in public pool/beach

In your words what do you think of your happy nappy swim nappies, and would you recommend them to friends?

I have only had the chance to use them a couple of times but so far they have meet my expectations, they fit my little one very well. I have not had to deal with a little surprise when taking them off yet so that will be interesting to see how they contain the poo. I would recommend them and already have to my mothers group and friends.

(They also come in other very cute designs..)

happy-nappy-boardshorts-blue happy-nappy-swim-pink-ruffle splash-about-happy-nappy-red-white

Find out more about Splash nappies here…


Tummy Time

Tummy Time

tummy time

I am often asked by Mums with young babies ‘When should I start to ‘play’ with my baby, she just seems to need to sleep all the time.

Interacting for short periods in the first few weeks is all you baby needs. They have very little resilience. They can only stay awake for 45 mins to an hour!

However as we know their little brains are like sponges! Once they are more able to stay awake for longer, mostly from 2 months. That gives you a little more time to show them the world around you.

There are however lots of ways your baby can be on their tummy every day from newborn. They will only last for a few minutes at first. This is not because they don’t like tummy time.

  • Carrying your baby over your arm with their head resting on your forearm.
  • Lying baby across your lap during feeds.
  • Having you baby on their tummy on your chest during feeds is such a special time for Mums and Dads.
  • Turning baby onto their tummy while you are changing them is also a good idea.

Tummy time creates new brain pathway and helps your baby use both sides of the body.

So give your baby lots of tummy time even if its just one minute.

This Tummy Time blog was kindly put together by Glynis Howard, Early Childhood Consultant from Baby of Mine

Inspirational Monday – Bubfriendly

Meet  Winnie


Founder of Bubfriendly

How did Bubfriendly come about and why?

Bubfriendly started off as a brainchild of keeping a digital account of my adventures with my oldest daughter, who is now 3.

Can you tell our readers a little about what Bubfriendly is all about and how it can benefit them? 

As a first time mother I was always trawling the World Wide Web on baby friendly places And activities to take the little one to but at that time there really wasn’t much so I thought I would share our experiences with other similar first time parents as myself.

With time it has grown now to include product reviews and working with different brands to introduce baby and child friendly products, places activities to other like minded parents or parents to be. I am also hoping to approach the subject of travel in the near future to assist parents on where to go and what to do when travelling with their kids. It serves as a portal of honest information on a range of baby and child friendly topics ranging from food to feed the little munchkins to where should we stay on our next holiday to Hong Kong?

From time to time, I also like to feature topics that cater for the mummies and daddies as well, for example a restaurant to spend their next special occasion, a DIY product for mummies who do not have time to visit the beautifician for a proper facial, amongst others.

How do you juggle working and a family?

Bubfriendly is not really a job as such but more like a hobby and memory keepsake for my children. As such, there are no obvious deadline unless I am working on a product with a particular company and they require a certain post by a particular date. Hence, most of the time I attend to it when I have some spare moments from my parenting duties and my usual occupation as a doctor. I must admit though it is not easy and I often wish there are more hours in a day!

Working on the blog though however is extremely fun and I generally try to post at least once a week on a brand new topic on the blog. The rest of the time I interact with my readers via social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter on a day to day basis.

Do you think parenting is different from when you were raised? How?

On the whole, I do not feel that parenting has changed significantly since I was a child. In most ways, I feel that things have improved with the wealth of knowledge and technology that we have these days. I like to be as much a hands on mum as I can in terms of parenting my kids and am a huge advocate of breastfeeding despite not being a breastfed child myself. My first daughter I breastfed her till 26 months and I intend to continue till age 2 for my second if possible. Having said that it is a personal choice and I still truly believes that all parents do what is best for their children and their family so I do not feel that if someone tells me that they do not breastfeed their baby they are a bad mother as they most certainly are not. I do draw a lot of my parenting experiences and ideas from my own either consciously or subconsciously. I often go to my mother even now to ask for advice whenever I struggle or am at a lost with certain parenting issues. The other difference is with the huge part social media plays these days we can participate in many mothers forum and groups online to share our experiences and gain advice and I hope that one day my blog will serve this important purpose to other parents.

Have your own self expectations changed since having children? How?

Oh most definitely! These days before deciding to go anywhere there is always this question at the back of our minds as to whether that particular destination is baby or child friendly. Do they have parents room? Or baby changing facilities at least? Is it pram accessible? All these things that I never used to think about before becoming a mum!

What is one thing you swore you would never do as a parent …. but do?

Yes I remember before I had my first child I used to say that I will limit my kids screen time and will not let them watch any television at all till age 2. But now when faced with a crying baby and a screaming preschooler, I have no choice but to let the 3 year old have a play with her iPad! I do however choose the apps that she access very careful and if used with care, I think some of those application can be quite educational besides being fun at the same time!

What is one resource that has kept you sane and helped you on your journey of motherhood? Eg book, person, website

My constant 24/7 availability go to resource to this day is my Mum! She is always there for me and never fails to show me the greatest support in whatever I choose to do. She also always gives me the most invaluable advice. Besides she is a fantastic grandmother!

 Can you walk us through a typical day for you…

A typical day for me if I am not at work

Morning – wake at 6 or 7 am, breastfeed bubs, then prepare and have breakfast with them both. Some days we stay at home in which case I will start preparing for lunch while they have a bit of a play amongst themselves, other days I take them out either to the park, the shops or to the local library for Storytime / Nursery rhymes session. My youngest usually has a mid morning nap too.

Afternoon – lunch either at home or out. A bit of play followed by bath and nap time. Whilst they nap, I have to get dinner ready.

Evening – dinner, play with Daddy once he gets home for work then bed.

And one tip for us all on keeping it real…

When in doubt, just follow your heart. Mum’s instinct is almost always right!

Follow or read more about Bubfriendly Winnie here.

russian mat

Product Review – Pop In Play Mat

I purchased a Pop In Play Mat when my baby was little to take to use as a picnic blanket when we were out and about.

Product: Pop In Play Mat – Russian Dolls

What is it generally used for: The Pop In Play Mat is generally used for baby’s play time on the floor – be it inside or outside.

When/How was it used?: We now use our play mat for tummy time, for snuggles on the lounge, a pram blanket, a change mat, and for picnics on the grass.

What I loved?: I love the two sides to this play mat – if we are doing some tummy time, I use the cosy, fleecy side up, but if we are at the park after it has rained, we put the waterproof laminate side facing down. Too easy. I also love that it folds away and has poppers to secure it into a nice little bundle. This means I can easily throw it into the boot and pull it out whenever I need it. It is a really good size when its unfolded too, and is lovely and padded so it’s really comfortable.

Was there anything that didn’t meet your expectations?: No, I don’t think so. In fact, thinking about it now, I initially bought the mat thinking it would be great for picnics, but I use it for so much more than that now. It is a lot more versatile than I first thought.

Who would this work well for? I think any new parents who are out and about lots would really get loads of use from this mat. Its easy to keep clean and store, and really does come in handy for a whole array of situations.

The Importance of Tummy Time

The Importance of Tummy Time

Tummy time2

Tummy time became a controversial issue back in the 1990’s when SIDS researchers found that when babies slept on their backs, instead of their tummies, the incidence of SIDs was reduced by 4000-5000 babies a year. Some parents became overzealous about this and put their babies on their backs all the time.

The effects of not enough tummy time are seen when a child enters preschool or Kindergarten. A child who hasn’t spent enough time on their tummies may not ever crawl which can affect their gross motor, fine motor and sensory development. Crawling develops bilateral co-ordination, midline crossing, core control and arm strength. These are important foundations for children so that they can write and hit a ball with a bat. In a baby’s early life there are certain motor and visual motor milestones that need to be reached during tummy time.

During tummy time a baby:-

  1. Learns to lift and support their own head against gravity.
  2. Weight shift between their body and arms and hands.
  3. Learns to tell the difference between something close and far away.
  4. Arm strength
  5. Stretches their body out after being in the womb.
  6. Develops their sensory systems, particularly touch and proprioception, which helps to develop body awareness.

These skills then help them to learn to push up into sitting, standing and eventually walking. Once they have developed this core muscle strength sitting for school activities becomes achievable.

Tummy time should initially be done for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Over time your baby can build up to 15 minutes a day.  Start with your baby lying on your chest. This is a great calming position. Move onto tummy time on a blanket on the floor. Lie right next to your baby so you are in their line of sight and occasionally show them some contrasting toys. Move the toys from side to side of your baby to encourage them to turn their head. Read books while your baby is in tummy time with you lying next to them on the floor. Put a mirror in front of them. Every baby likes to look at themselves. The best way for your baby to enjoy tummy time is to get down on the floor and play with them.

If your baby finds tummy time difficult continue to work at it with your baby lying on your chest or  your lap. Put a rolled up towel under their chest or put them on their tummy over a large exercise ball.

Always supervise your baby during tummy time, especially when they start moving around.

Good toys for tummy time include fun activity mats, baby gyms, musical/auditory toys and bright visual toys.

Tummy time continues to be important for all of us even into adulthood. It is a position I often recommend to my preschool and school aged clients to use while watching TV. As with babies this position helps develop their core strength, joint stability and back and arm muscles.

This was kindly written by Lisa Hughes who heads the team at Occupational Therapy Helping Children.

Occupational Therapy Helping Children