101 Things to do with your toddler!

Gathered up a lovely list of things to do with your toddler from a few websites. If you are anything like me you are always looking for fun and unique ways to have fun!

The mum that wrote this first one said its her goal to do at everything on her list at least ONCE this year. Go mum go!

Counting on me Blog

Some examples:

  • Go fishing with a yard stick and yarn
  • Bang on Pots and Pans with a spoon
  • Go on a Smelling Hunt
  • Draw on a mirror with dry-erase markers
  • Talk into an electric fan (it distorts your voice)
  • Fill an old purse with toys

and much much more!

Also found another site that has a really cute list too. A year with mom and dad…. My favorite is the kiddie workout section:

  1. Seesaw – my son loves seesaws. So when we’re home, sometimes I lie on my back, raise my knees and sit him on my feet. As he leans against my legs, I hold his arms to steady him, and raise my feet up and down like a seesaw. He LOVES it. And it’s also a great ab workout for mama!
  2. Obstacle course – place pillows, cereal boxes, and other objects like a path in your house or outside. Have the kids run from Point A to Point B going around and over objects. Maybe play music or have  a timer while they race!
  3. Yoga – I am not the stretchiest person in the world but kids are. My son doesn’t even know what yoga is, but he started doing the downward dog-type headstand thing all on his own. I don’t really know yoga moves, but I sometimes play stretching games with him that resemble the techniques.
And tons more! I love blogs that show you have to be creative with your kids. It’s fun to make things up! We all know kids are happy just spending time with their parents so have fun!




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