We’ve Gone Mad with Birthday Party Ideas!

Some extremely adorable and creative birthday ( or any kind of party really ) eye candy. If only everyday could be your birthday!

This one is super easy. You can use chocolate or honey to get the candy to stick.

You could even do this with plastic cups if you were afraid of using glass.

Photo of milk glass with candy on rim
From Simple Little life

These have to be my favourite as far as food goes, although I suggest washing the balloons maybe?

Photos of Choclate Pudding Ice Cream Cups
Pudding/Ice Cream cups from Bakerella

Photo of Kids Crafts Washcloth Cupcake
Check out these easy to make facecloth party favors or decorations from Red Ted.

Photo of Recycled Paper Roses Craft
Recycle Paper Flowers from Capture the Details

Tissue Paper Pom Poms Photo
How to make tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart

and my absolute favourite

Mad tea party Inspired Birthday party

Mad Tea Party from Fanciful Twist

Last but not least, tell me this just isn’t one of the prettiest little things you have ever laid your eyes on?

Photo of cup cake tea pots

Cupcake Tea cup from Sweetapolita!

This blog is worth reading. They have so many beautiful things!



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