Manic Monday: Bookmark Craft Ideas to Encourage Reading

What do you often do with the kiddos when you’re stuck indoors in this cold, chilly weather?


I sure do hope it’s not TV, movies, or computer! Not that I have problems with being entertained by televisions and/or computer.  It’s just that I believe it’s not good to use these too often that it becomes the default choice of activity for the little ones.  As SimpleMom puts it, electronic media “can easily suck away imagination, energy, and the innocence of our kids.”


One thing I believe we must instill in the little ones is the love for reading.   And by “reading,” I mean reading the  actual books, and not the ebooks, which exposes the eyes to tremendous amounts of radiation through ebook readers.  But how are we to encourage reading good old-fashioned books?


Well, providing cute bookmarks can make reading fun for kids. Get them to help you make some when it’s snowing outside.  Here are some awesome ideas:


1.   Monster Bookmarks –  Tally has shared a very good step-by-step tutorial on how to make this cute little toothy monster page corner bookmarks. She also provides a free downloadable and printable pattern.

page corner bookmarks

cute page corner monster bookmarks


2.  Origami Heart Bookmarks – This project is a cool twist on the classic bookmark.  This can be made from half of a regular 6×6 inch origami paper. Instructions available here.

Origami Heart Bookmarks

Origami Heart Bookmarks


3.  Glass Tile Bookmarks – These are more along the lines of heavy-duty bookmarks, as according to the creator of this bookmark, the paper ones tear, the metal ones discolor the pages, and the wooden ones break.  Here’s how to make these bookmarks.

Glass Tile Bookmarks

Glass Tile Bookmarks


4.  Ninja Bookmarks This project would be perfect for the little boys.  Click here for the printable template and step-by-step instructions.


Ninja Bookmark

Ninja Bookmark


5.  Nifty Ribbon & Button No Slip Bookmarks –  These types of bookmarks are perfect for anyone who constantly loses regular bookmarks.  Here’s a great, custom way of marking your page that won’t fall out or get lost.  Tutorial available here.

Nifty Ribbon & Button No Slip Bookmark

Nifty Ribbon & Button No Slip Bookmark


Are you ready for some reading exercises after?



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