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There’s a reason it’s called a challenge

ETA, I did write this yesterday, but the ‘post’ button didn’t get clicked until today



The Feb photo a day challenge – when I saw it, I thought pfft, ha! There are only 28 days in Feb (or are there 29 this year?).

How HARD could it be to take a picture a day?

Well, the actual said taking of picture I have a 95% success rate with, but the POSTING I am finding challenging.

Here’s today’s – where I work.

flower child HQ

I love my business.

I love our customers.

I love everything that our brand stands for and our commitment to the community.

I love the people who work with me.

Sometimes (quite often) it takes over my life. I squeeze my family in too, and I’ve found, that photo thing (along with LOADS of other stuff) just slips out of my mind.

Yesterdays was a fave photo of you.  I didn’t actually take a picture, but in the true essence of the gig, I chatted with several of those lovely customers I spoke about up there ^^^ last night, and gave them some practical advice on how to take a great picture.

Before I was ‘shown’ how to smile (that sounds so wrong), I would baulk at seeing pics of myself.  Just recently,  a friend commented (for the first time in my life ever), that I was photogenic. I put that down to learning to smile!

So, here’s a picture of me with Budget Bitch (seriously, click on over) – I think we both look great! I did joke with Carmel that I look slightly soft-focused and anyone can look good in that light :)

my closet – blue

So I’m pretty impressed I’ve managed to get my pictures each day. I might not get a chance to BLOG them every day, but I promise, I’m taking them :)

Day 12 – my closet.

Seriously, you think I’m gonna show you the closet where the clothes are. Bwahahaha. Not a chance. My organisation skills haven’t quite made it there yet, but they DID make it to the spare room.

Look at this – organised bliss. I even had sticky notes on the drawers with what’s in them, but a certain little 3.5yo seems to have snaffled those away somewhere.

the organised closet

Day 13 (today) blue.

Above mentioned 3.5yo is obsessed with drawing and all things craft. I haven’t managed to tidy up yet tonight, so here’s my blue for today.