Today I decided to commit – to a few things it turned out. I didn’t wake up thinking ‘today I need to get my crap together’, but lately, I’ve been getting a bit more organised, so maybe it was a catalyst?

To start with, it’s the photo a day challenge for February, which I read about on the handmadekids blog.

Here’s the ‘challenge’.

can the flower child do it?

I also committed to cutting my hair off.  I don’t remember the last time I had hair this short!


to buying some red lippy.  I’m not a make up person, but my friend Eleni (if you click on the link, that’s her on the right, next to Layne Beachley!) convinced me I needed to by this lipstick.

(no, that’s not me)

so, after a bit of procrastinating, I did. And by procrastingating, I mean I had to send her this picture (below), which didn’t go through the first time, so I called her and foundout how to MMS, and sent it again – still nothing, 2 more emails and my phone comes up with ‘generic network failure’. Seriously. In my time of need! Damn you Optus network.  This is a big deal for me.

The lovely cosmetics counter lady was REALLY patient! Give her 5 stars for not rolling her eyes once.

So wait for it……….. here’s today’s pic that reflects “in my view”

I apologise it was only taken on my phone, I’ll really try harder tomorrow, and Instagram, if you wanna release the Android version NOW, I’d be really appreciative.

in my view - a new do



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