Manic Monday Craft: Coolest Crown Crafts

Next Monday, Australia (except for Western Australia and Queensland) will celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. So this week’s craft is filled with royalty.

Found these pretty crowns online. Click on the photos for the easy-to-follow tutorials. This is a great activity for a birthday party or just everyday fun! Enjoy!

This crown craft is perhaps the easiest that I’ve seen. You just need bulletin board borders, tape, scissors, and some embellishments that are available in the house.

Easy Crown Craft

Easy Crown Craft

Here’s another tiara that’s just perfect for the little princesses.
tiara craft | flowerchildau

Craft Foam Tiara

You can also try making (and wearing) these cute colorful craft foam crowns. This tutorial comes with printable template crowns.
 Craft Foam Crown

Craft Foam Crown

Or if you’re feeling extra crafty, here are a couple of must-try crown crafts:
Handmade Tiara

Handmade Tiara

Gilded Lace Crowns | flowerchildau

Gilded Lace Crowns

Are you excited for your next birthday party yet? ;)



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