Wishful Wednesday: Happy Kitchen, Happy Home

We, mothers, have always taken it on ourselves to keep the family happy. One way to easily do that is to keep their stomachs full. As the Mexican expression goes, which many of us could probably agree with, “barriga llena, corazón contento” (full stomach, happy heart). And if Batman has a batcave, supermums have a kitchen for a secret headquarters. It is simply where the magic happens!


Here are some gorgeous kitchens I would love to have:


There is beauty in simplicity. The secret is in the lighting. Here’s a simple but lovely well-lit kitchen:

dream kitchen -- sunny

Sunny Kitchen

Image source: Pinterest

This kitchen is absolutely adorable! But I would need superpowers to keep it gleaming clean at all times (especially with a toddler running about), right?

dream kitchen -- white

This kitchen is pure love.

Image source: Pinterest

But it is also nice to have a splash of color to keep those creative juices running when creating our masterpieces. Don’t you just love the use of red in this kitchen?

dream kitchen -- with red

Great use of bright happy color without overwhelming the room.

Image source: Pinterest

Found some brilliant organizers/storage ideas too:

dream kitchen – fruit and veggie storage

Love this storage idea.

Image source: Pinterest

dream kitchen – organized

The bottom area could be especially for the kiddos.

Image source: Pinterest

And boy, how I’d love to have this kitchen pantry…

dream kitchen – Awesome kitchen pantry

Awesome kitchen pantry!

Image source: Pinterest

Or this would be great for starters… :)

dream kitchen – organized kitchen pantry

Great way to start organizing the kitchen.

Image source: Pinterest

As they say, it all starts with a dream. What does your dream kitchen look like?



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