Food + Art = Fun

I know.  Our mums have always instilled in us that food is meant for eating, not for playing. But who says you can’t have a little bit of fun with it before you sit down to eat?

Food can be a channel for our creativity — and we just might get the kiddos excited about eating spinach! Here are some playful ways of preparing and presenting food I just might try one of these days… (Click on the photos for the how-to’s.)

I want to rev up breakfast with fun presentation of good ol’ pancake from Little Nummies

Owl Pancake Food Art | flowerchildau

Owl Pancake, Anyone?


And prepare the coolest lunchies…

Wall-E Sandwich | food art | flowerchildau

Wall-E Sandwich


king pig angry bird Sandwiches | flowerchildau

King Pig Sandwich


kite sandwich food art | flowerchildau

Soar High with a Kite Sandwich


Don’t you think even a picky eater would love this healthy food?

Pear Penguins Food Art | Flowerchildau

A chocolatey fruity treat

Well, I know whatever form of “food art” I’m going to come up with is a far cry from Carl Warner’s masterpiece foodscapes…

foodscape | flowerchildau

smiling food in fridge

But I guess I can start with anything and everything in my fridge, right? Like this:

smiling food in fridge

Smileys in the Fridge

Or maybe I need a bigger smile just like this:

Smiling Food Art | flowerchildau


Well, what about you? How creative do you get with food?



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