Help me to become a ‘better’ mum

Ok, before you all start getting hoighty toighty about the adjective ‘better’, it was just an attention grabbing headline, to make you open this post.


You See,  I DO actually need your help. I have been actively trying to become more organised, both at work and at home, to try and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety, that should be somewhat avoidable.


I completely suck at planning meals ahead of time. And by meals, I mean dinner. The rest we just (chicken) wing it (haha, that’s a joke).


So far, I have signed up to pepperplate, an online meal planning site, which in all honesty, is pretty damn genius. You can import recipes from other websites, or type your own in. You can print shopping list, but most of all, you can SCHEDULE ON A CALENDAR when you want this meal.

for the purposes of this blog post, I actually added some stuff


See. Genius.


Except, despite the fact that I seem to subscribe to (n)oodles of blogs, I never actually see to find, or remember, to add things.

On top of that, Miss nearly-4-years-old doesn’t eat meat (unless it’s ham or fish) and doesn’t like cooked vegetables, only raw ones. Sounds easy right? Pfft.


Just want a simple spag bol? Not an option *sigh*


Sooooooo, what I need your help with, is LINKS to actual recipes, that your family thinks are da bomb (alaska).


Don’t you just love all my food jokes today!



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