How to Keep the Kids Active in the Winter

When it gets cold and chilly outside, it can become all too tempting to stay in bed and hibernate.  Cold weather often puts a damper on outdoor activities. But we know too well that a daily dose of exercise is important for us and our kiddos to stay healthy… and have some fun!


It’s easy to think of fun, active things to do with the little ones when it’s bright and sunshiny outside.  But during the cold months of winter… well, not so much.  So how do you get going when it’s cold or wet?  Here are some ideas:


A view of Sydney with the Sydney Opera House in the foregound

A view of Sydney

1.  Walking Tour.  

Put on coats, hats and gloves and head outside. Show your child what the beach looks like in the winter, or visit the museum.

Walking tours and hikes can be more enjoyable in winter than in summer.  The cool weather is more tolerable than Australia’s hot, humid summers, and yes,  it’s less crowded.

In Sydney, you can visit The Rocks, the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australian Museum, Hyde Park, Chinatown, and Darling Harbour.


2.  Sports.

Children who are big enough can join traditional winter sports, such as football, hockey, or skiing.  They can also try indoor activities such as swimming, trampolining, ice-skating, ping pong, and bowling.


3.  Indoor Play Centre.

Try an indoor play centre.  Bubhub has a pretty comprehensive directory of children’s play centres throughout Australia that offering different play centre equipment and activities such as bouncy castles, ball-pits, slides, push-vehicles.


Fun in the Snow

Snow Fun

4.  Play with the Snow.  

Embrace winter.  Go outside and play with the snow.  Make snow angels.  Run around wth the pets.  Try snow-shoeing, snow play, or even tobogganing.


5.  Bring the Fun Indoor.

If the cold weather is too harsh, why not bring the fun indoors?  Play games.  Run around.  Have races around the living room.  Bounce off the beds.  Or set up your own indoor game of ten-pin bowls using a tennis ball and some plastic bottles.




What about you?  How do you (and your kids) keep active during winter?






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