I love to cook

I’ll admit straight up, this blog may become a bit of a foody haven.

I love to cook.  More precisely, I love to bake. It makes me happy.

Ok, I’ve been gone a while, so I apologise to anyone waiting for a post (if there is anyone).  Sometimes, life just gets in the way and we have to prioritise.

Back to baking!

Have I mentioned bakerella.com before?  If I haven’t, it’s only because I seem to gush about her maybe a bit too much, I try to restrain myself.

I was flicking through another forum’s recipe section today trying to find something for Lana and I to bake tomorrow.  We don’t actually have to be anywhere at any time, unlike the last few weeks, that we’re going to make something scrummy. I found a post I had written about these drool worthy cinnamon scrolls.

I REALLY love cinnamon.  I also REALLY wanted to make these, but just can’t convince my brain to convince arteries they might not clog up just by looking at this picture too many times.  My best friends birthday is coming up (she doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe) and she might just get these as her present!

So, the quest began to try and find something easier too make, preferably with the bread making machine (call me lazy). I searched, I googled, I even pulled out about 30 recipe books to flick through.  The result was this recipe from For the Love of Cooking.

Note the lack of all that extra scrummy icing from the top picture?  This looks like it might fit the bill. Lovely and moist, smothered in cinnamon, and mostly made in the bread maker!

We’ll update tomorrow on these.

Do you think I can freeze them?  I would think yes, as places like Subway have them and I’m sure they would be frozen……

Of course, these are a mummy and daddy treat, so I’ll have to continue to google something tasty and healthy for her afternoon tea’s.

Back soon.

Found these Honey & Oat bars – looks like something Ed would like too.  I loathe feeding L processed treats and I find the trade off of KNOWING the fat and sugar content can be just as bad :O

Reading the comments, I’m not the only person with this concern, and it’s suggested you can reduce the butter content by 50g and replace with banana or apple puree, so I’ll do that.

Oh, just found these as well.  Hmm, we do have all day……..



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