Interview with Michelle Wigg of Wild Child Nappies

We have another interview to share with you! We’ve interviewed the lovely Michelle Wigg from Wild Child Nappies!


In case you havent heard of Wild Child, let us introduce you!  Wild Child Nappies is the brainchild of Michelle Wigg, who has designed and developed every Wild Child design from scratch. Michelle is a WAHM and mother to 4 beautiful children. Michelle’s collection of gorgeous designs are unique and she has developed quite the following. Seriously, you have to check out the designs. See the ones we carry here.


1. Please tell us about yourself in just 25 words!

I am creative and passionate about the enviroment. I try and be the best person I can and treat others with respect. 


2. Just one new thing you would love?

At the moment probably a fridge.


3. Your Favourite Magazine?

Spin Off ( a spinning magazine)- spinning wool is my escape, it is what I use to get to my inner Zen… living in Queensland I don’t really have much need for warm clothing, but I spin none the less, crazy hey!


4. Chocolate or Wine

mmm this is a tough one, if I have to choose one I would say wine, BUT being that I am a girl who believes nothing is better than more, I am going to say both!!!


5. If you could change one thing about your company, what it would be?

I would like to expand it faster than what my current time restraints allow for.


6. What do you enjoy most about your day?

I like that I can work from home, that I get to see my children in the mornings and afternoons, I love that they get to see their mumma doing something she is passionate about, and that they have all grown up wearing nappies I made :)


7. Which advertising method do you think has worked best for you?

For me definitely word of mouth, a happy customer is very important to us!


8. If you had to describe yourself as a colour, what would it be (and why)?

Even though lime green is my favourite colour I would have to say I am RED. Energetic, fiery, passionate, warm and encompassing! 


9. Heels or thongs?

definitely thongs (wearing some now lol), I would probably break an ankle in heels.


10. Do you prefer to shop online or B&M?

mmmm another tough one. Considering I have 4 children, for time efficiency, I would say online. Sometimes however, nothing beats actually seeing it and touching it before you buy it.


11. Please share your words of wisdom ( life, love or business)

Be honest with yourself and others, stand by what you believe in and follow your own compass! 


12. Please share your favourite picture and tell us why you love it.

I have attached a photo I took as I was waiting on a jetty for the ferry leaving Venice. I was a bit sad about leaving, and the sun was just rising, I happened to look up and see a lone gondalier, forging his way across the outer canal to the main Island. Even though it is in itself an awesome photo it reminds me of how I re-found myself on that holiday, my creative, artistic and sensitive self. It reminds me that magic is all around us you just need to take the time to stop and look for it. It also reminds me to forge ahead to what I dream off, regardless of the obstacles.


Photo of Venice Italy Michelle Wigg


Thanks again Michelle and everyone at Wild Child! Check out Wild Child’s Facebook.












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