Manic Monday Crafts – Fun and Messy Kid Crafts

Ever have one of those days where you know your toddler NEEDS to get messy? I can always sense this in my little one. She gets pretty antsy, starts making a huge mess around our house and gets into everything. The best thing I can do is give her something creative and messy so she can get all that energy out the right way. Fun and Messy kid crafts for the win!

We recently tried this recommendation from Play at Home Mom. Not only was this an amazing creative outlet for Maya it also was so much fun for me to watch and participate in with her. I felt like she learned a thing or two ( and didn’t really notice she was learning ) and really got to get messy! What kid doesn’t love getting messy?

I loved the laboratory theme too, Maya is really into mixing things and liquids. She dives hands first into almost any liquid she feels is safe ( water fountains and sinks + anything else really ). She LOVED our “Mommy and Maya Laboratory of Crazy Fun” as we called it. It was our very own kid science lab.

Preschool Science Fun Crafts


Preschool Science Fun Crafts

These are just a few photos from the original.View the full post and direction here. There is enough to keep you and the littles busy for quite a while! This toddler craft was so much fun we may make this a weekly habit. The only sad part was I did not have my camera handy to take photos. Maya was covered from head to toe ( as was I ) and we had a fun and messy blast. The smile she had on her face made it totally worth it.




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