Manic Monday Crafts – Indoor Imagination Fun

Teaching your kids to use their imaginations is so much fun! I’ve gathered a few links to help you dream big when it comes to crafting and using your imagination.

How to build a reading cubby house. This is a great idea if you’ve got an old box lying around and want to involve the little ones in creating a cool cardboard reading cubby house.

And take a peek at these beautiful bird houses..They even give you templates to make them. So pretty! great party favours or decor for the bedroom.

And I found a super cute kids craft where you can make a little lantern and catch faux fireflies. You could even call them fairies too! I love love love this and bet it would be really pretty at night.

Has it been raining like mad where you are? What are you doing to keep everyone happy and calm indoors? We’d love it if you share some crafts to help keep the little ones occupied and happy!



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