Manic Monday Crafts {Jellyfish in a Bottle}

Manic Monday Crafts, crafts to help you connect with your kids when the week gets rough.

If you love the ocean you will love today’s craft. It’s called a Jellyfish In a Bottle! Imagine your little one carrying around this bottle and their very own “pet” jellyfish. They can swirl it, shake it and watch the jellyfish dance!


Photo of Jellyfish In A Bottle

Things you need to make your own jellyfish :

1. A transparent plastic grocery bag
2. Plastic water bottles.
3. Thread
4. Food colouring
5. Scissors

Here is a preview of some of the steps involved..


Photo of DIY Jellyfish craft


Cannot tell you how excited we are to try this craft this week! If you find yourself having a rough week. Take a moment to craft with your kids, it will help you reconnect and have fun!

Click HERE to view the full instructions at Bhoomplay’s Blog. Thanks Bhoomplay!!!!



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