Tips and Tricks to Organize Baby Clothes

It’s so easy to drown in baby clothes. You have tons of gifts from baby showers, gazillions of hand-me-downs, and hundreds of items you saw on sale and simply could not resist. So the big question is: How do you keep them all organised?

baby's closet

It’s better if you keep a simple strategy so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the baby stuff, especially if you have limited space. A good start to organise everything is to segregate your baby’s clothes according to size: (1) items currently used; (2) bigger sizes; and (3) outgrown garments. Pack away everything that does not fit and make room for items for current rotation.


1.  Current Rotation.  Designate spots for the basic items — onesies, shirts, pants, pajamas, etc. Keep in mind to separate play clothes from the fancier ones. Make the items frequently used easy to access. Use drawers, storage bins or baskets for smaller items like undies and socks.

baby closet


2.  Bigger Sizes. Many mums have a stack of clothes that won’t fit the little one for at least a couple more months. Whether the garments are hoarded from end-of-season sales or are hand-me-downs, it is important to devise a system to keep all these stuff organised. Sort all items according to type and size. Store these in bags, bins, or boxes. Make sure these are labeled properly.

If the closet is large enough to accommodate all the baby stuff without having to cramp everything in, closet dividers may help. Here’s a very good tutorial on how to make cute closer dividers.

closet dividers


3.  Outgrown garments.  Babies grow incredibly fast — especially within the first 24 months.  With that said, outgrown garments also are quick to pile up. Thus you need a strategy to keep these items properly stored. It helps to keep a bag or bin in the closet especially for outgrown garments. As soon as this is full, put it in storage or give them away. If you intend to have another baby, keep these boxes or bags properly labeled and stored.

labeled boxes for clothes


What about you? What are your strategies to keep the baby’s clothes well-kept and organised?



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