Wishful Wednesday: Creative Reading Nooks for Kids

Learning how to encourage your children to read is a major responsibility of every parent.   Do you know that a 1997 national literacy survey  indicated that nearly 30% of the sample of Year 3 and Year 5 students failed to meet the appropriate minimum grade reading standard and that almost half of Australians aged 15-74 have either very poor or poor basic prose literacy skills? [source] Pretty alarming statistics, if you ask me.  Perhaps part of this could be attributed to the presence of modern technology nowadays.  Children now have a huge variety of options for pastime — ranging from televisions to laptops to mobile phones to tablets and video game consoles.  This makes reading for pleasure a low priority, which in turn makes teaching them to read a daunting task.


So how do you encourage your kids to read?  

One way to encourage kids to read more is to provide a cosy space to read.  It doesn’t even have to be an entire room with tons of bookshelves.   Kidsomania recently had prepared a very nice roundup showing a lot of ideas to inspire you to create the perfect reading nooks for kids in your home.  Here are some of my favourites:


Cool Idea To Organise A Kids Reading Nookcool idea to organise a kids reading nook

Interestingly, reading  nooks need not necessarily fill an entire room!  Just a small area would be enough.  Look at these:

cool idea to organise a kids reading nookcool idea to organise a kids reading nook

cool idea to organise a kids reading nookcool idea to organise a kids reading nook


Check out this link to view more inspiring ideas.


By the way, have you seen our post on creating cute bookmarks?  That’s one way to encourage reading too!



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