The ABC Surprise for your Baby Shower Guests

Great idea! This is a fun and interactive idea for your baby shower. We all know that most baby showers are typically the same. You eat, you play games and you open gifts. Of course there are some super fun things you can do to make the party a little less typical. This idea is adorable and helps you decorate the nursery! What you do is assign each person who RSVP’s a different letter of the alphabet, and you ask them to bring them to the baby shower. Don’t tell they why, just say please bring a letter. When they arrive, they will be surprised and you get to tell that their letter will now be apart of your babies nursery! Then you decorate the nursery using all of the letters, how cool is that!?!? They don’t have to be handmade but I bet more than a few will break out the craft supplies.


I’ve always been a fan of including the guests in baby showers and weddings. I love the idea of the throw away camera at the table at weddings for guests to take photos. So why not have your guests bring a letter and then hang them in the nursery! Cute cute cute.

Now, if you have more than 26 guests, well we may need to revisit that. I do know someone who did this and had to have people bring more than one letter so she assigned a letter to each person in a couple or the kids just for fun.





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