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Feeling exhausted seems to be a permanent state. Here are 7 ways to help perk up your energy levels.

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1. Exercise. This has the dual benefit of both helping you sleep well, but also of increasing your energy levels during the day. As a working mum, finding time to exercise can be tricky so see if you can incorporate it into your daily routine. If they have showers at work, consider parking your car a couple of miles away from the office and run the rest of the way, for example.

Working Mums Essentials

2. Change your physiology with each task. They say a change is a good as a rest, so with time sparse for resting, shake up your task list. This can be done at home and at work. Switch between tasks that involve sitting to tasks that require physically activity or between solitary tasks and those that require interaction.

3. Eat slow energy releasing foods. Try to avoid the upper and downers of quick release carbohydrates such as white bread and refined sugar. They will make you feel wonderful for a short time then send your energy levels crashing to the floor begging to be dragged off for an afternoon nap. Add caffeine to this list of occasional treats. Your body digests whole grains more slowly, which have been stripped of their bran, germ and fibre, and are absorbed almost as quickly as pure glucose. Whole grains, barley, oats, brown rice, wild rice, and products made from whole grains, such as whole-wheat breads, bagels, pasta and crackers, and 100 percent bran cereal,provide a slower, more sustained source of energy that keeps your blood sugar stable.

4. Get some sleep. Easier said than done, you might say but often working mums can be their own worst enemy on the sleep front. Having got the kids to bed and done the chores, evenings can be the only’ me time’ busy working mums get. There is a great temptation to make it last as long as possible and that can sometimes mean delaying going to bed. Be tough on yourself and set yourself a bed time.

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5. Find some fresh air. Although it is all too easy as a busy working mum, trying to get through the mountain of work, to stay glued to your chair all day, try to get outside for at least five minutes. Walk to get a sandwich or just walk for the sake of walking.

6. Have stand up meetings. This has two great benefits. Firstly your energy levels are heightened because you are not slouched in a chair. Secondly the meetings will always be shorter than if they’d been conducted sitting down since people are not as comfortable standing up.

7. Change your language. By telling everyone how exhausted you are, you will adopt the body posture of a tired person, thus making yourself feel even more exhausted.

Tiredness will always be a factor for busy working mums, just remember that it is also your body’s way of telling you that you need to rest sometimes too!



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