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Flower Child Baby Photography In Melbourne

Many parents go their entire life without those precious early photos of their baby; these moments are lost before they realize it, you can help them capture these amazing moments during the early years of their child’s life. The world of baby photography is quite different that of a real estate photo shoot or corporate photography. This also means that you have to pack differently for both. I’ve listed items that are a must have on every baby photo shoot, so you can take a look and be prepared for your next shoot.

What you need for the shoot will largely depend on where the shoot is taking place. If you’re going home base and shooting at your client’s home itself, the kind of prep you require will be similar to that of a wedding. I usually ensure that I pack the night before, for fear of forgetting to pack something. Here’s a list of the things on my checklist that you might find handy. 

1  My camera and the backup camera along with lenses.

2  The tripod (just in case) and a few formatted memory cards.

3  A baby sized bean bag and a fluffy pillow for the baby to pose on.

4  A few funny toys for the baby to play and pose with.

5  A step stool, space heater and a few waterproof pads along with an apron for me in case the baby makes a mess. 

6  A big blanket and also a small one to wrap the baby in. 

7  Several backdrops and props to make the baby shots interesting; these can include anything ranging from flowers, hats, headbands and baskets to even large stuffed toys.  

8  A playlist with loud but soothing music will be a help to disguise the loud shutter sounds you may be making.

Sessions can tend to be long going up to four hours with a few breaks for the baby, so make sure you let your clients know how long you would be taking. After making sure you have the items above, you’ll find you’re all set to click great pictures and make some families very happy!