Baby Photography using Props like Prams and Baby Carriers

As a photographer I like to take action shots, be that in a new pram by baby Jogger, or 4 moms baby bouncer.

I am the kind of person that painfully researches every item before I dare make the purchase. Yes, I do involve the use of spreadsheets. I was fortunate when pregnant with my first born that a number of my good friends had children and were able to help with their recommendations and tips on what to look for.

Within my close circle of friends, most of whom are busy moms living near the beach and out regularly for walks, runs and in and out of the shops -every single one of them recommended the BabyJogger City Mini GT. Overruling the spreadsheet we made the purchase and after thousands of kms on various terrains in 6 different countries I’d say it was the best purchase I have ever made. Lightweight, quick turns and easy to travel with. When I fell pregnant with my second child 2.5 years later, I was quite certain I’d be going back to the BabyJogger however with all double prams, I was concerned about the size. I tested out the CitySelect Lux and fell in love with its aesthetic, the matching CityGo capsule which clipped in and out of the car and pram so easily, and the extra large storage at the bottom of the pram! There are so many seating configurations which makes for a happy baby and toddler. I even got the Glider Board which has made our walks a daily highlight for my almost 3 year old. Despite being a double pram, it’s super easy to steer and fold up. We moved to Shanghai when our newborn was 10 weeks old and had no issue traveling let alone making miles in the city! BabyJogger definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to baby gear. Safe, user friendly and lux! Probably why I own 3 of their prams (given the amount we travel, I couldn’t go past the CityGo 😉 )

I was also wondering whether BabyJogger would be interested in a giveaway? And possibly a discount code for followers as I often get asked if I can help them save any money haha. No worries if not, but thought I would ask! 

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