Pregnancy photography & Maternity photography in Melbourne

A pregnant woman can be very aware of her body and quite conscious when it comes to revealing too much skin. This is because she will have a huge belly and even stretch marks that she might be embarrassed about. It is your job to be sensitive and work in a way that will make her feel comfortable and confident about her body; therefore one has to be particularly careful when designing elaborate props and sets for a photo shoot in maternity photography.

Maternity can be a time when women feel bloated, ravenous and even have swollen ankles and skin outbreaks at times. The kind of wardrobe you decide on for the photo shoot should be ones that are comfortable and light; tight and itchy fabrics are a big no. The mother to be dressed in the father’s plaid shirt, with her belly revealed was one of the best shots I’ve taken in a long time.

When it comes to the kind of props you use, be mindful; it is all very well to plan on storks coming in with a bundle of joy, but find out if the parents are okay with it. Using props during a maternity shoot can always be fun. You can try a black and white image of the mother holding a colored pink flower (if it is a girl) or a toy boat in blue (if it is a boy) for a great picture. 

There are several ideas you can explore maybe use letter blocks to spell the gender or name of the baby. You can balance tiny shoes on the mother’s belly; pink princess ones for a girl and perhaps a miniature sailor’s hat for a boy. Give in to cliche for once and photograph the mom-to-be as she sprinkles a tiny watering can on her tummy; I assure you she will be delighted with the result!

At times I simply ask my clients to close their eyes and put their arms around each other feeling the miracle they’ve created. Pictures like these help you portray tidings to new life that are truly exhilarating!